hotel satisfaction ratiings
The following project was completed based off a data set containing hotel customer information. Though the hotel used in this dataset was not revealed to my team, we decided to approach this project as consultants to the Hotel. Given this survey administered by the hotel, what significant contributions or recommendations can we give to the Hotel Management?
Next, we sought to understand how hotel management could predict overall satisfaction without taking any surveys. Looking at our previous regression, you can pretty obviously predict overall satisfaction given that a customer has already taken a satisfaction survey and you have Z scores.
Assuming this data was a random sample of hotel customers, we want to see how the hotel can apply these takeaways to future customers. We looked at the variables that the hotel might have about a customer...
With a simplified equation like this, hotel management might have a better understanding going into the trip of a baseline satisfaction score. We used an ordinal regression to analyze these variables. The results are below.
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