Visualizing decision journeys
The Research
My research participant is a 23 year-old chemical engineer from Houston, Texas. She enjoys traveling to beautiful places with good food and a unique vibe. To find out what her process of taking a trip looks like, I interviewed her about her recent trip to California with her boyfriend (now fiancé)! The trip included flying to North California to meet her boyfriend, renting a car, and making their way down to San Diego to visit close friends.
Journey Map
Using the qualitative data I collected from my participant, I have mapped her decision journey from the idea spark to remembering stages of her trip. Take a look to see what she was doing, thinking, and feeling at the various stages of the trip!
Creating this journey map gave me an extremely good sense of my participant's thoughts and feelings through the entire trip process.
While the flights to and from California were not the most enjoyable experiences, it is clear that the highs of the trip far outweigh the lows. As time goes by, she will begin to forget the little details and remember the peaks. Her engagement to her fiancé will forever be the most exciting and memorable takeaway from the trip.
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